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A Major and Important Painting by
Gayle B. Tate
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"Winning Hand", 1998
Oil on Wood Panel, 19 X 19 Inches
Signed in all four corners, to be hanged as one pleases
In excellent condition

This painting was created in 1998, the most significant trompe l'oeil gambling painting by far ever done by the artist.  Originally executed to fit on a table base, offering the suggestion of a poker game in progress, with the winning hand showing, along with the winnings of the hand in cash money.

The table base has been lost, but can be easily replaced, if so desired.  It can also be hung to show in any of the four sides down, as is pleasing to the beholder, signed in all four corners to allow for easy reading of the signatures.

This painting ranks as the number one gambling work by Mr. Tate, who did a number of them during the 1980's and 90's.  Careful attention was paid to the composition and color, featuring the primary colors of red, blue and yellow.  To balance the color, the secondary of dark green prevails throughout the work to add cohesiveness and balance.  The pieces of paper currency are all painted with equal care, emphasizing the trompe l'oeil effects and making this the most tangible of artworks.

Mr. Tate is retired from the art of trompe l'oeil painting, turning 70 this year.  Nonetheless, this work stands as a hallmark of the painter's craft and is deserving of utmost attention in the history of American art.

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